The most powerful business tool today is non other than social media networking. It has been said many times that old media is dead; new media owns the future. Advertising interrupts. Social media engages.

Let’s face it, the social network (Facebook for instance) absorbs more of our online time as compared to Google or YouTube. Its users number in the hundreds of millions, easily rivaling the American Idol. Thus it is not surprising to find companies introducing new products to its fans first, driving sales by word of mouth.

They key is advertising and conversation. Attracting fans is easy. Keeping them, activating them, mobilizing them presents more of a challenge. We’ve been working on developing an approach that will maximize your on line presence by combining paid advertising with conversation strategy. The formula : targeting + creativity + conversation strategy = the most effective social media marketing.

Although easily understood by brand managers but less so by agencies that continue to work in isolation. It turns out that traditional ad agencies or media only agencies are often clueless when it comes to conversation strategy; while PR agencies have little idea how to maximize a creative message.

It’s only a matter of time before everyone you want to connect with is on Facebook, Twitter, or blogging. You may want to get better at finding them, attracting them and engaging with them. Why not start today?

The Violetblush Premium Social Media Package include Facebook + Twitter + CEO Blog + Tutorial

Domain and Hosting
Content Management + Maintenance
Social Media Marketing Plan
On-line /virtual Launches
Live launches

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