If you know me, you would probably know that I LOVE to throw a party! I've been known to start planning for my children's birthday parties 6 months out! I have them pick a theme and I eagerly get to it. Yes, I'm crazy! But let me tell you this, all the fun  Mums are!  Below are just too cool not to share Party Ideas.
Fairy Theme Party
Princess Theme Party
Soccer !

We are huge fans of Alice in Wonderland themed parties around here so when a young lady approached us to organize one , it had  us head over heels for tea cups and dress up! She had us at Jazebelle!
An Alice in Wonderland-inspired tea party is the perfect choice for an elegant yet simple afternoon bridal shower, get- together or birthday. Plenty of finger foods, sweets and tea, of course! This theme leaves a lot of room for whimsical details ~ spring flowers, teacups, and anything crazy!!!

An ART BIRTHDAY PARTY is great for almost any child and can be geared to most ages.
Younger children can enjoy coloring, painting, and easy games. Older children can be challenged to draw abstract self portraits and guess famous painters. An ART PARTY can be held at home (preferably in the yard or garden), at a park, at a children's museum, or paint-it-yourself ceramics studio.Contact us for the Violetblush ART PARTY experience. Our theme ranges from:  

 1.       Astronomy
The children will be guided to create their own telescope in this activity using recycled materials.

 2.       Iznik Tiles (Tile Painting Workshop)
Iznik Tiles is a workshop for children inspired by the Iznik Tiles from Turkey. Children will be given a set of tiles, template designs of flower motifs and ceramic paint and will be guided on creating their own “mini” Iznik Tiles. Suitable for children 7 years old above.

3.       Plate Painting
Children will be given a plastic plate with template designs of different flower motifs to choose from. Using acrylic paints, the children will be guided to paint their plate with their own creativity. Suitable for kindergarten children.

4.      Batik Coloring
Batik coloring on a 25 x 25 ready waxed design on white cloth. Batik will be framed for children to take home. Suitable for 7 yrs and above (as well as adults).


A client requested for some inspiration for her sister's upcoming baby shower. Here you go!
Mini Marshmallows in a Jar!
Chocs in a Jar!!
Honey in a Jar!!!!

Picture from: Judy Kaufman @ allposters.com

Photo resoured from :emmanuelchristopherleo.blogspot.com
Things to consider when planning a Graduation Party
  1. Collaborate- Involve the graduate in the choice. That way they can be involved in the actual decorating.
  2. Budget - It is wise to set some kind of budget for this otherwise you'll keep adding bits here and there and it could easily spiral.
  3. Venue - Kind of obvious but you must consider your venue and the size of it in order to decide what kind of graduation decorations you want and where to put them.
  4. Bold or Discreet - Do you want to make a big impact or do you want something more subdued. It is most important that the graduate feels impressed and confident with the degree of decoration.
  5. Themed or Not - If you have chosen a specific theme for your party then in addition to checking this page you should also check us out  on our Facebook page (side-bar of this Home page) where you can find even more decorating ideas.
  6. Personal Touch - It's nice to have some personalized graduation party decorations, even if it's just a banner. It helps make the graduate feel special.
  7. Party Feeling - Consider how you want your guests to feel when they enter your party. Do you want to impress your guests and quickly get them all into a party mood? If so then choose decorations to do precisely that.
  8. Reliable Suppliers - Check out their delivery timescales to ensure everything can be delivered in time. Also check out the returns policy to ensure it's easy to return anything your not 100% happy with
  9. Decoration List - After considering the above and reading the rest of this page make up an actual graduation decoration list of all the things that you would like to buy. Quite often you can save on delivery charges if your order is over a certain amount.
  10.  Overall- the graduation celebration party should fit the ambience, the people and complement one another.

 (Picture from :asratogawedding.com)
Are you currently engaged and starting to worry if the crazy will set in as your day approaches? You may be telling yourself that, when the time comes, you will be the carefree bride and just go with the flow. If that is the case, I am telling you now, that iit will not be the case.

You may consider yourself to be a rather sane and level headed person, but when it comes down to it, you will care if your flowers are not the right shade of pink  or your napkins are folded incorrectly. Then you find yourself asking ,"Maybe I should hire a wedding planner?"

ABSOLUTELY!! Experience has shown that  most brides later agree  that they would have paid anything to have been able to relax, kick back and have fun with friends and family, and not have to worry about a thing.  A wedding planner will make your life easier, keep you calm, make your wedding day a more pleasant and enjoyable event for all involved.

 Below is a worksheet that summarizes what it takes in planning a Wedding :

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The Cukur Jambul (also known in the northern peninsula as berendoi) is the baby's very first haircut, done in accordance with Malay tradition. It is an important rite of passage and is very much seen as an occasion for the extended familyto come together, renew bonds and welcome the new baby into the clan.In Malaysia, other ethnic communities also have their own unique hair tonsuring ceremonies, according to their origin, religion and traditions. In the Indian Hindu community, for example, baby's hair is tonsured in the mundan ceremony,which is very much seen as a purification ritual. Some ethnic Chinese parents also shave the baby's head after the first full month of life (mun  yuet)in the belief that “womb hair” should be removed and the hope that the new hair will grow out to be thick and lustrous.

For the Malays ,the cukur jambul ceremony generally coincides with the end of the confinement period observed by the new mother, which lasts between 40 and 44 days,  although it is not peculiar to have it at a later date. In a traditional cukur jambul ceremony, the baby's hair is tonsured or snipped off with a pair of scissors and then ultimately buried in the ground. Closest and dearest family members and friends are invited to witness the event.
 Another important element is the dulang or ceremonial tray which holds the scissors and the young coconut (or bowl of water). Often, these are accompanied by daun kunyit and bunga rampai (fragrant bouquet which usually includes pandan leaves, jasmine and frangipani), and perhaps some honey and dates.
Source:coochinos.com;zakuanhassan.wordpress.com;Poetry of Flowers

Bridal shower favors need not be expensive. Most importantly, it should be a token of love and friendship that is memorable for the guests and the bride-to-be. The trick really is in the styling. Below are some pretty bridal shower favors that we'd like to share.

Cute and Personal
Personalised Lip Butter
Sweet Bridesmaid Dress-Shaped Cookies

The great thing about Bridal Showers is that the possibilities are endless!
 Source:Lemega.blogspot.com;noeyehasseen.com;mishkamangali.com.;intimateweddings.com;rentateaparty.com;Snippet & Ink

Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Secret Garden
Upper Chic
Vintage theme
Eat, Pray & Love 

We all like to stick to traditions when it comes to tying the knot (myself included) but it shouldn't restrict us from attempting something slightly different. I stumbled upon the idea of creating a Wedding Breakfast/Brunch and felt that this would fit perfectly for a custom-filled Malay Wedding where couples often opt for the solemnization ceremony in the morning either at the mosque or at the bride's home. The affair is often simple and very low-key. Why not make it as memorable as the wedding banquet? Below are some inspirations that I have just got to share (and I already have in mind a friend that would do a great job on the menu!).So what do you think?
Simple yet perfect for a wedding breakfast

Source: Pictures are from No Fuss , The Daily Green

It is a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon and lunch is being prepared at home with the boys. Violetblush is a fan of anything Mediterranean or Italian , especially food. Below are some inspirations for your lunch menu.Be inspired!Eat, drink and be merry will ya! 
Source: ibtimes.com.

A sunny afternoon calls for a patio lunch!
Turkey wrap

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