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The Wishing Tree is a very unique and memorable addition to any occasion. Guests can write well-wishes and hang them on the tree. The notes can be taken down and be added to your personalised Scrapbook. Contact : for details.

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I have been called "busy bee", "iron lady lawyer", "Miss Whatever", "Miss Impossible", "Miss Kiasu", "SUMO",etc. the  names given to me thus far and none of which are reflective of the "ideal" mommy persona. BUT it is no excuse for any last minute planning for my kids birthday celebration. I am already planning the twins' birthday celebration 7 months in advance. Here's why:

(1) I love my kids very much
(2) There is no excuse for not celebrating the birth date of any child
(3) It is only once a year and will not make me a bankrupt (my wedding cost more.)
(4) Any event requires 90% planning, 10% execution . Therefore, planning in advance is crucial for a great celebration + securing the best caterer, venue etc
(5) Imagine how you would feel if no one cares that your birthday is coming up.
(6) Career and money come and go but your kids will love you no matter what EVEN without a career or money. OR even if you get fat and old :)
(7)It is a day which brings family together
(8) A day for friends to reunite
(9)The look on your kids face post birthday celebration = PRICELESS.
(10) Tell me , what else can top this :
  Me: Did you boys enjoy the birthday party?
  Twins: Nice.... Thanks mama +*hugz*

To all Mommies (and Daddies) who went out of their way to plan and celebrate their kids' birthday, i salute u :).  

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Personalized mini choc wrappers add fun to any occasion. Contact for details.

Your event must-haves! 
For details of Photo Booths, Photo Props, Photo shoots & Photobooks please email :

Personalised Yassin Set, Mineral Water and Bag

1) Personalized Yassin
Price: RM 5.00 each (50-99 pcs)
RM 4.80 each (100 pcs above)

2) Personalized Mineral Water
Price: RM 2.50 each (50-99 pcs)
RM 2.00 each (100 pcs above)

Personalized Yassin + Personalized Mineral Water + Mini Bag (fabric) + Personalized Mini Card on bag
Price: RM10.00 /set (50 sets above)

These items are for self pickup only in respect of proper Yassin handling.
Minimum quantity 50 pcs/sets.


1. Kindly provide us the following details for your order by filling our ORDER FORM
Please state the following details in the order form:
i) Text you would like to write on the printings
ii) Theme color & design

2. Send in your complete correspondence/communication details 

3. We will notify payment details via email once received your complete order form

Note: Kindly email picture for artwork (if required). Picture should be from camera. Saved picture from website are not accepted.



In collaboration with Carcosa Seri Negara  we would like to introduce our best kept secret thus far , the  CARCOSA's PRIVATE TEA PARTY for RM 129++ per person.

Carcosa’s famous English Afternoon Tea: 
Smoked Norwegian salmon Croissant Sandwich
Cream & Cheese with Cucumber Sandwich
   Egg Sandwich (all Sandwiches are with homemade whole meal loaf, Walnut bread
                         and milk bread)
Apple crumble
Chocolate Brownies
Personalized Cookies
Traditional English Fruit Cake
Carrot Cake
Cream Brule

Warm plain and raisin scones
served with Clotted Cream & Strawberry and Rose petals jam

PLUS so much  more…
·         Theme Cupcakes presented on 3 tier stand
·         Decorations according to your theme
·         Personalised Posters
·         Flower decorations & Table setting according to selected theme
·         Personalized water bottles as per theme
·         Photo Props
Upon request we are also pleased to arrange for the following:
o   Invitations                                          
o   Candy Buffet                                
o   Photo booth                                   
o   Photoshoot                                    
o   Themed Cake 
o   Gift bags and favors 
 o   Bouncing Castle, Popcorn Machine,Games, Pony & Carriage Ride, etc

·         Alice in Wonderland: The Mad Hatter Tea Party
·         Fairy Parties
·         Baby Showers
·         First Day of School Parties
·         Princess Parties, The Royal Wedding (new)
·         Soccer Parties
·         Bridal Showers
·         Birthday and Anniversary Parties
·         Pirate Party, The Prince of Persia Birthday Banquet, The Arabian Princess

And much more….to avoid dissapointment, please book us in advance via email:

Violetblush Eventz is bringing back the days of Miss Manners and everything chic with the Vintage Themed Tea Party at the Carcosa Seri Negara. We are currently pre-booking this specialty themed tea-party  which include: an English style afternoon hi-tea, period styled decore & accessories; plus photo props. Contact us at for reservation and inquiries. 

Photo Source: Country Living