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Things to consider when planning a Graduation Party
  1. Collaborate- Involve the graduate in the choice. That way they can be involved in the actual decorating.
  2. Budget - It is wise to set some kind of budget for this otherwise you'll keep adding bits here and there and it could easily spiral.
  3. Venue - Kind of obvious but you must consider your venue and the size of it in order to decide what kind of graduation decorations you want and where to put them.
  4. Bold or Discreet - Do you want to make a big impact or do you want something more subdued. It is most important that the graduate feels impressed and confident with the degree of decoration.
  5. Themed or Not - If you have chosen a specific theme for your party then in addition to checking this page you should also check us out  on our Facebook page (side-bar of this Home page) where you can find even more decorating ideas.
  6. Personal Touch - It's nice to have some personalized graduation party decorations, even if it's just a banner. It helps make the graduate feel special.
  7. Party Feeling - Consider how you want your guests to feel when they enter your party. Do you want to impress your guests and quickly get them all into a party mood? If so then choose decorations to do precisely that.
  8. Reliable Suppliers - Check out their delivery timescales to ensure everything can be delivered in time. Also check out the returns policy to ensure it's easy to return anything your not 100% happy with
  9. Decoration List - After considering the above and reading the rest of this page make up an actual graduation decoration list of all the things that you would like to buy. Quite often you can save on delivery charges if your order is over a certain amount.
  10.  Overall- the graduation celebration party should fit the ambience, the people and complement one another.