Violetblush just adores LadyJava (LJ), the woman behind LadyJava Creations. Not only did LJ put up with all our insane  requests, she guided us step by step on how to manage the "makeover" of the Violetblush web-blog that you are now seeing today. Most of our designers either quit (or  cabut! ) after 3 design reviews...but not LJ.

This lovely lass is someone you would love to hang out with and talk "blog" all day over a plate of Laksa Johore. LJ was strictly commissioned by us to do the following:

Mission :Major revamp
Objective:Sell! Sell! Sell!
Deadline: 2 weeks only

What I love about LJ is that just like us, she took into account of her client's personality in all her designs. She takes the time to understand her clients and never restricts herself to familiar territories. She was willing to explore my crazy ideas and concept. She trusted my instincts and delivered my thoughts in the most creative way one could even imagined. Not only did she successfully put forward my vision into her work, the blog makeover was indeed a personal makeover for me too.

PERKS: Friendship

Some of the insane request we asked for from LJ:

1. The Slider
This slider, with navigation buttons, will display thumbnails of images that can be linked to certain post in the Violetblush blog or any other sites as well. Awesome!!

2. Pop out images 
We have a lot of awesome graphics but we didn't really like displaying them too big on the blog so LJ introduced this feature to us whereby we can choose the 'Small" or "Medium" images to post  and once clicking on the images,  visitors will be able to see a much bigger picture.

3. Pull out tab
We loved the idea of a pullout tab like the one LJ installed at her LadyJava's Lounge and so we reckon what the hoot !! We want to sport one too!!!! Just click on Mocktails located at the right side of this page and see it in action.Wicked!!!

4. The Guestbook
To mark this special event, we wanted a guestbook to be incorporated into the blog. You can now see it in action at the post: Violetblush Unveiled. So make sure you leave you mark there to commemorate this very special event.

5. Countdown widget
If you were here three days ago before the unveiling, you would have  probably noticed our insane request number 5. This widget lets you join in the countdown...Well.. you just got to be there.. lol!

Below are some of the creative work that LJ has done over the years. LJ is listed as one of our affiliates and heads the Violetblush Premium Social Media Package portfolio. For inquiries, please click her logo on the right side bar of our page.

Before - Not appealing to visitors

After Blog Makeover - Gorgeous

Before :A boring looking free template

After : Ta-da!!! 

Other famous portfolios: